This page contains links to annotation resources for the unpublished Drosophila genomes. Annotations of the published D. melanogaster and D. pseudoobscura are curated by the FlyBase and can be accessed from the individual species pages (click on the species in the image to the left).

UCSC has annotations and browsers for most of the sequenced Drosophila species which can be accessed from the individual species pages or directly at UCSC.

Dan Pollard and Venky Iyer in Michael Eisen's group at UC Berkeley/LBNL have developed a homology-based gene-finding pipeline and applied it to all available genomes. These annotations can be browsed and searched through GBROWSE browsers accessible on each species page.

Ian Holmes at UC Berkeley has performed whole genome scans for conserved RNA secondary structures using Joten Hein's PFOLD. The results are available here.

All the resources linked to from this web page are for public use, and can be freely used by anyone. Please note that many of these data are unpublished - we ask that you respect the scientific contributions of the data producers and directly cite each resource that you use in any publication arising from their use. Citation to this site is not sufficient.