Several groups have produced alignments of various subsets of these Drosophila species. Please remember that accurate multiple-species alignment is a challenging problem, and these alignments must be viewed as works in progress.

Colin Dewey in Lior Pachter's group at UC Berkeley has developed software - called MERCATOR to perform multiple whole-genome orthology map construction, which they have combined with their MAVID multiple aligner to produce multiple alignments. Raw alignments of several Drosophila species, as well as a multi-species browser for each alignment, are available here.

Aaron Darling in Nicole Perna's group at UW-Madison has developed multiple-alignment software called MAUVE. The alignments and viewing software are available here.

Dan Pollard and Venky Iyer in Michael Eisen's group at UC Berkeley/LBNL have produced alignments using MLAGAN to align orthologous blocks identified using orthologous coding genes, syteny and nucleotide similarity. These alignments are available here.

All the resources linked to from this web page are for public use, and can be freely used by anyone. Please note that many of these data are unpublished - we ask that you respect the scientific contributions of the data producers and directly cite each resource that you use in any publication arising from their use. Citation to this site is not sufficient.